Production of film and sound clips (T.V. and Radio).

• Creative planning
• Ideas, slogans, scripts
• Film production
• Complete post-production, music, narration, subtitles
• Formats: BETA, DVD, VHS


Shooting with several cameras, design projection, finishing (2D, 3D),copying, archiving.

• Conferences
• News briefing
• Receptions
• Exhibitions, Market events
• Product demonstrations
• Manufacturing, Construction progressions
• Teamwork trainings, tours
• Sporting events

Reference and Training films

• External- Internal films
• Image films
• Training material
• Assembly specifications

Studio Services

• Cutting, subtitles (non-linear cutting and finishing station)
• Animation (2D, 3D interactive)
• Composition of unique (advertisement, Main title, etc. ) music
• Digitalization, conversion, archiving (sound [input/output]: cassette, CD;
video [input/output]: VHS, VCD, SVCD, DVD, (mini) DV, BETA SP, Digit BETA, PC; multiple copying)
• Production of multimedia (demonstrative, promotive, unique) CD, DVD's
• Production of DVD-menu (DVD-authoring, premastering), Cover design
• Design and production of brochures and printing
• Webdesign (flash,html), production of video clips that can be transferred
onto websites; ftp upload, download